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Yusata Team Working from Home during Lockdown

The adverse situations are trying as we all can experience it in this pandemic. It is impacting globally, and no business is such which is not impacted. Yusata has weighed the severity even before a nation-wide lockdown was imposed in India for fighting this vicious virus – Covid19 and planned to work from home for whole team.
Our team of enthusiastic members has shown once again that we are a team and ready to face any situation what may come. Our software, hardware and marketing teams updated their work methods and started working from home in unison. Everyone’s concerted efforts are paying very well and we are able to carry out our deliverables without compromising on quality or even missing any deadline.
Software team – Front/Back end, database, QA, Mobile team, is showing their best of output as always. Since many of our members stay away from home, they are from other states as well, they are working with whole enthusiasm. Their endeavours, despite their difficulties in daily routine due to restaurant etc services closed, are praiseworthy. In fact, team has put together their rigorous efforts by literally working 24X7 and developed Raj Covid App to help government officials keep track of quarantined/isolated suspects. The app is ready to launch, and soon we will be able to release it to public.
Our hardware team showed due diligence as always and carried the needed equipment’s with them to keep working on our hardware products final stage testing. As a result, we are now ready to ship the next version of our Sensors. As soon as the lockdown ends and situation subsides, we will be shipping these out to customers.
Marketing team has started working on their lower priority works which were otherwise not possible in their busy schedules and being engaged in high priority sales and marketing activities. They are providing their help on product documentation, verifying product audits for compliance and planning product enhancements. They are spending their valuable time in analysing potential customers, retrospection of leads in hand and possible collaborations which were in pipeline.
The management has supported everyone in this tough time. No salary deductions, no layoffs have been done and team has been told to stay assured. To maintain the motto on which company runs – “Bringing Technology Closer to Life”, we all are doing the best we can do together even in these strenuous circumstances.
Our prized possessions - our customers, have been very supportive and communicating about their being safe. Our customers in essential services are running with reduced capacity and we are glad that they are taking all necessary precautions for their operations.

Together, we can fight this and come out of it as victorious. Stay Inside, Stay Safe, Take Care!!!


Custom Development

We have in-house capability to address your custom requirements. We can add a new feature free-of-cost to the platform if our experts find it a valuable addition to platform. Nominal charges are applicable if the requirement is very specific to your accounts only. We can waive this too for longer commitments. We want to offer best possible services to run your business smoothly, that is how we have worked on all available pricing models.


We can engage our experts with you to understand ins and out of your day-to-day operations. They will work on your operations review and present you suggestions on what kind of hardware you should use, what ROI you can get out of it and how it can be enhanced per future requirements.


We have team to cater installation requirements across the places. In case, we don't have installation service available at a place, we can work with your technical person and guide to take care of installation. We have prepared installation documents and wiring diagrams to provide guidance. Our expert installers are available to help over video calls too.


We want you to make most out of your investment in our product. We provide training to the point where you feel confident to take care of operations and can use software to the full capacity. You can always access online documentation on how to use mobile and web apps. Our SLAs are always met per your contract.

Team Member
Mr. Mool Chand Sharma

Member of Board of Directors of Yusata InfoTech Private Limited Working Experience – 50+ years of experience as a Businessman in Petroleum and Trading. Proprietor Yusata Infotech 2008-2013

Team Member
Ms. Suman Sharma

Member of Board of Directors at Yusata Infotech Working Experience - 15+ years in Business solution delivery and Software Development An entrepreneur, consultant, creative problem

Team Member
Mr. Jayant Arrawatia

Sales and Marketing Director Working experience - 13+ years in Marketing and Sales, Knowledge of different fields, Publication, branding, advertising, pharmaceutical

Team Member
Mr. Sunil Karwasra

Director Technology Working Experience - 9+ years of experience in software development An accomplished Software Engineer with demonstrated success in designing and implementing database

Team Member
Mr. Ravinder K Dhayal

Director Projects Working Experience - 11+ years in Project management and Software development Project Manager(Development)/Solution Architect for Design

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