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Business Application
For your safety and that of other road users, your motor coach driver's hours of service are strictly regulated by Federal and Provincial laws. These laws limit the number of hours a driver can drive in a day, the length of a work shift, and the number of work hours a driver can accumulate over a multi-day period.

YLogApp is a portal for maintaining daily driver log detail for dispatches. It contains detail about all drivers and vehicle detail working for a particular company. If any rules is violated than portal show alert for that rule as well as Driver is notified for same. YLogApp enables organization to maintain their IFTA reporting as well as Driver payrolls which is based on their driving time. YLogApp lets drivers take advantage of 16/34 hour exceptions as allowed by DoT. Past days data export and email to law-enforcement officer leads to DoT guideline compliance.
Mobile Application
YLogApp is a smart phone/device app to support individual or business to maintain their driver logs. It is the replacement of manual log entry of drivers. Using this driver can easily and quickly maintain their logs to get more accurate graphs and reports.

YLogApp supports GPS, using that Administrator can trace all vehicles and drivers at real-time. Vehicle log used to trace vehicle positions. Administrator can analyze reports to manage business working.

An administrator can easily dispatch trips and can schedule according the drivers. During trips administrator can know the position of Vehicle and Driver both. That helps to maintain day to day schedule of vehicles and drivers.

YLogApp also supports different Departments of Transportation Rules and Regulation. To maintain all laws system automatically sends mails and alerts to administrator and driver to minimize rules violations. Using this functionality administrator or driver keep away themselves from the punishment of rules violations.