A delivery company's big and first hurdle is that product can't be missed or late deliveries, inaccurate reporting, and unsafe driving habits. While it's easy to dismiss them as unavoidable industry hurdles, there are the best easy and affordable ways to reduce them completely by using YLogApp.

Reporting will help not only where your vehicles were during the day, but also where your vehicle at this time. It can log different type of events, such as when a trip is activated. This ensures that a vehicle is never mistaken for one making a delivery. With the program's vehicle live maps, you can even view the exact route a truck took during its day.

Companies are not worry about all things when use this app because, the software can generate speeding reports that outline what speed a vehicle reached, where the speeding occurred, and time spent above the speed threshold. Additionally, the similar idling report will outline when and where a vehicle was left idling and for how long.

In short, YLogApp will reveal exactly what goes on with your vehicle while you're not around. With the data collected, you can then set in motion new rules and regulations to remedy these industry-specific problems. It will help to grow your business reliability , and also grow your business profits.