In metropolitan cities of India school bus is one of the most predominant and important mode of transportation for students. Horrific school bus accidents occur with alarming regularity. 15 students died and more than 20 students injured in a school bus accident in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan in July 2013. At least 14 students died and 21 were injured in March 2013 when a school bus plunged into a canal in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. In July, one student died and dozens were injured when their bus fell into a gorge in Kashmir. Nearly 1,34,000 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2010 in India, the most recent year for which government figures are available.

In Kolkata only 95 Registered School Buses are present and these are used by 5700 students. These buses travel 4750 km per day. They remain overloaded. The Application will be able to set maximum number of students as well for enhanced security. Often the accidents are like — student exits the bus and was crushed beneath its wheels.

Fifteen years ago, India enacted its first laws regulating school bus safety, after a Supreme Court judgment demanded, among other guidelines, that buses have doors that can open and close, a mechanical device to limit the vehicle's speed, a qualified conductor and an experienced, law-abiding driver. Nobody follows these rules now days. YLog will be able to put such mechanical device on the buses to increase security.